Application Processes

The Public Relations Department and the Secretariat of JNAMUN 2022 are responsible for the acceptance, rejection, and allocation of participants.


• All delegates must keep their cameras on at all times, clearly showing their face with an academically appropriate background.

• Delegates shall keep their microphones muted at all times, unless they have been given permission to speak by their committee’s chairing team.

• Eating is forbidden while committees are in session.

Dress Code

All participants are expected to be in formal business attire during all sessions and ceremonies. Gentlemen need to be in suits i.e., male delegates are expected to attend the conference wearing either ties or bow ties, and gentlewomen in business suits or dresses. Please keep in mind that delegates who are not dressed appropriately will not be allowed in the sessions.

Note Passing

The Administrative Staff is responsible for note passing during the sessions. Note passing between forums is not permitted. Notes should always be written in formal English, concerning matters relating to committee work. Private messages will not be sent.

Please be reminded that the Administrative Staff and Committee Directors are entitled to scan your notes.

Opening Speeches

All delegates are required to deliver an opening speech in the first session of the conference.

Punctuality and Attendance

All delegates are required to arrive on time for each session considering the connection time given, which is five minutes before each session starts. Constant tardiness and missing more than three sessions will result in revoking of your Certificate of Participation and any awards you may have been about to receive.

Social Events

All delegates must strive to keep a polite, respectful, and professional tone in all their communications and interactions with other delegates, chairs, staff, and advisors. The delegates who harass or discomfort other delegates by any means during the virtual social events will be given a warning.

Noncompliance with the aforementioned rules may result in official warnings or the expulsion of a delegate.

Application Information

All the information given by the applicant (individual delegate, advisor or head delegate) must be given and approved by the applicant and must be accurate. The confirmation for this article is important due to the fact that JNAMUN’22 will be sending delegates certificates via email.

Note to Advisors

It is advised for advisors to make sure they have written all of the required information about the delegates along with their MUN/JMUN experiences down at the MUN experience part on our MUNpoint.